The Institute of Certified Secretaries & Reporters was  founded in March 1981 and incorporated under Companies and Allied Matters (CAM) Act 1 of 1990 with the consent of the Attorney-General of the  Federation in 1994 as a professional body limited by guarantee. The  primary objective of establishing the Institute at that time was to promote an indigenous professional body that would harness potential resources to develop an advanced human capacity building in academic and vocational education with a view to setting standards and ensuring excellence in verbatim reports and secretarial practice. The Institute assiduously pursued its objectives among others to the extent of becoming a legendary mouthpiece for secretarial and verbatim reporters career.  The ideals of ICSR has been extended to most ECOWAS countries  and the African continent.  The new millennium goal and agenda of the Institute and its associates is to organize a World Administrative Professionals and Secretaries Assembly (WAPSA).

In the quest to obtain added legal  impetus to be able to carry  out the functions of setting  standard  and regulating the  practice of the profession, the Institute, with the support of  the  Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation OF Nigeria, as National Patron and supervisory Office, submitted request for an Act of the National Assembly in  October 2000 which became a successful national discourse. The National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at the House of Representatives and the Senate successfully passed and harmonized a Bill for an Act  2007  to Establish the Chartered Institute of Certified Secretaries & Reporters and the Governing Board for the purpose of setting standards and regulating the practice of certified secretaries and official verbatim reporters with a view to ensuring excellence in practice of the profession and other matters incidental thereto.
The Institute has been successfully involved in conducting

  • Manpower Training and Development Programs
  • Membership Registration and Enrolment of Qualified Professionals
  • Professional Membership Qualifying Examinations
  • Mandatory Continuous Practice Development Programs (MCPDP)
  • New Members Induction and Certification License to Practice
  • Educational training with strict professional and academic discipline
  • Conduct of AGM,/Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Summits etc.



To be a pacesetter in promoting excellence in secretarial and official verbatim reports  practice with skillful innovation in office technology and  management services for organizational effectiveness.
To have an established indigenous professional body capable of harnessing our manpower resources and potentials in developing today’s office technology managers for tomorrow’s higher responsibilities through a formidably organized group that can serve as a professional mouthpiece for ensuring regulated standards and excellence in practice.   Be a role model in creating superior values for all stakeholders.




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